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January 1999



Science Magazine On-line

The campus now has access to Science Magazine on-line.  You can get to it
from Science's Next Wave or directly from the AAAS web site.

Tax Forms

Some state and federal tax forms are available at Memorial, College and the
Law School Libraries.   You can also find forms on the World Wide Web at
the following URLs:

Federal forms and publications
Wisconsin forms

AMS Journals On-line

Soon you'll be able to view the full-text of all of the AMS journals from
1997 to date.  The journals included are:  BAMS, Weather and Forecasting,
Journal of Applied Meteorology, Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences,
Journal of Physical Oceanography, Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic
Technology, Journal of Climate and Monthly Weather Review.


New NSF Reports

The National Science Foundation (NSF) periodically releases statistical
reports on the status and trends of US Science.  All reports are available
in HTML and/or .pdf formats and may be downloaded at the URLs provided.

Federal Funds for Research and Development:  Fiscal Years 1996, 1997 and 1998
Federal Science and Engineering Support to Universities, Colleges and
Nonprofit Institutions:  Fiscal Year 1997 [Early Release Tables]
Federal Funding Supports Moderate Growth for Basic Research in the 1990s
Federal R&D Funding by Budget Function:  Fiscal years 1997-99

Advice On-Line for Engineers

This site, maintained by the publishers of Machine Design, contains expert
sources of engineering help.  It's divided into sections on advice, how-tos
and faculty & other experts.  For example, best sites for advice include:
The Engineer's Companion (providing access to engineering experts and
useful engineering sites), Dejanews (a gateway to engineering news groups)
and The WWW Virtual Library (a collaborative volunteer effort that includes
a wide variety of engineering pages in disciplines ranging from controls to
materials science).

Climate of 1998 Annual Review -- NCDC

While reliable instrument records only go back 199 years, some argue that
1998 witnessed the warmest temperatures in 1,200 years.  What is certain is
that for the 20th consecutive year, the annual global mean surface
temperature exceeded the long-term average, this time by 1.2 degrees
Fahrenheit.  The source and long-term implications of this steady rise in
temperature are of course hotly debated.  The facts are allowed to speak
for themselves at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's
(NOAA) National Climatic Data Center, which has recently released its
Climate of 1998 Annual Review.   [From the Scout Report, Copyright Internet
Scout Project, 1994-1999)

Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite (SWAS)

The Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite (SWAS) is a NASA Small Explorer
Project (SMEX).  The SWAS instrument's primary objective is to gather data
on features of star formation.  These data may enable a greater
understanding of the formation of future stellar systems and the processes
that led to the formation of the Sun, the Earth, and the other planets and
moons in our solar system.  Sections that are included at the Web site are
Detailed Discussion of SWAS science, SWAS Scientists and Institutions, SWAS
Instrument, Current Status of SW AS, Track SWAS in Orbit and Related Links.
(From the Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project, 1994-1999]

MIDEX Selections

Five spacecraft that could help answer some of the biggest questions in
space science have been chosen as candidates for NASA's Medium-class
Explorer (MIDEX) program.  Following detailed mission concept studies,
which are due for submission by June 18, 1999, NASA intends to select two
of the mission proposals in September 1999 for full development.  Links to
all the missions will eventually be posted on NASA's Missions pages. [From
Space Science News, 1/28/99]

Planetary Science Research Discoveries

Planetary Science Research Discoveries (PSRD) is an educational site
devoted to sharing the fascinating discoveries being made in planetary and
space sciences through NASA-sponsored research.  For inquisitive minds
everywhere, PSRD is a vital link for education, planetary and space
sciences and for learning how science works.  PSR Discoveries is a  dynamic
Web site containing hot ideas, feature stories, and a linked glossary.
Additional resources will be added as needed.  [From the NSF Library
Newsletter, 1/15/99]


SSEC is listed on this site.  There are some other interesting listings
under Space, like NASA Live, Comet Watch and Deep Space 1 Cam (streaming
view of the Deep Space 1 Spacecraft at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's
Space Simulation Facility).  There's an Earth and Moon Viewer, a Shuttle
tracker and a host of other cameras trained on earth from space, space from
earth and space from space.

Science Toys

At this site you can find clear directions on how to build simple toys that
teach science, and an explanation of the science concepts illustrated by
each toy.  This is an ongoing work, so visit it frequently.  Toys are
logically grouped by area of science, such as thermodynamics, magnetism,
light and optics, etc.   [From the NSF Library Newsletter, 1/15/99]

KIDS Report

The January 19 issue of the KIDS Report (published by the Internet Scout
Project and NSF), written by and for K-12 students, comes to us from Sabish
Junior High in the Fond du Lac, WI school district.  This issue features
Internet resources on space exploration.  [From the Scout Report, Copyright
Internet Scout Project, 1994-1999]

Park Search

It's never too early to begin planning your summer vacation, especially in
the depths of winter; those with cabin fever can get a jump on their
outdoor recreation plans at this site, provided by L.L. Bean.  Users can
search this database of over 1,400 state and national parks, forests, and
wildlife refuges by state, region, and/or activities in which they are
interested (including winter sports for all-season recreators).  Search
returns include contact information, an overview of the park/forest and its
highlights, photos, and a list of approved or available activities.  [From
the Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project, 1994-1999]

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