maynew99 Schwerdtfeger Library News
May 1999


The transfer to Voyager (the new online catalog and related systems) and
the redesigned UW-Libraries Web site will happen toward the end of June or
early July.  The new Web site can be viewed at:
http//   It sports less text, brief
headings, terms familiar to most users, visual interest added to links
(Javascript pop-ups with roll-overs to show users where they are headed).
The FAQ is continually being updated, with information on why the library
system can't retain the current command interface and updates on the new
catalog interfaces (both Web and lynx telnet).  The transfer date and/or
any service disruption dates will be posted when they are definite.
Posted on this Web site are the May Wisconsin Week article about the new
catalog and the Chronicle of Higher Education article about the Library of
Congress and National Library of Medicine moving to Voyager from their
"homegrown" software.  Ken Frazier's (Director, General Library System)
March 1999 letter is also there.

While the Library system is trying to minimize disruptions to patrons, some
services have been temporarily affected.  For example, since May 15th many
campus libraries have stopped entering holds and recalls on library
materials.  When implemented, the new system will allow you to place holds
and recalls online.

A one-page flyer about the new catalog and Web site was recently
distributed to all libraries.  We've posted several and have extra copies
if you'd like to take a look.

In early June, Ken Frazier is sending a memo to all campus deans telling
them about the coming changes.  One week before the transition (at the end
of June) the library system will e-mail all faculty, academic staff and
graduate students detailing the changes.

During July and early August, over 80 drop-in MadCat workshops for users
will be held at various campus libraries.  A flyer with locations and
schedule will be available online; I'll notify you when it's ready.   It
will be printable from a .pdf file.  There will be other "help" guides,
both in print and online, to assist you.

Staff training in the various components of Voyager is taking place this
month.  After that we'll be able to assist you with your questions!