Schwerdtfeger Library News - August 2002

Library News - August 2002
By Jean Phillips

Update on AGU Publications

In January 2002, the American Geophysical Union began publishing articles online in html and PDF formats. At some point in this transition, the AGU discovered that type sizes for 2002 were smaller than previous years and decided to reprocess the PDFs to make them look like print issues from prior years. This has delayed shipment by several months of all AGU journals for April, May, June and July. So, the reason you can't get a copy of an article published in a recent AGU journal is because it is not yet available.

The AGU has also changed the pagination and citation system for all of its journals beginning January 2002. Issues are not paginated continuously as is the norm for other journals (electronic or not) and they've given each article a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). The DOI must be included when you cite an article. For example, an AGU journal cited in the AMS style would look like this:

Hoor, Peter, H. Fischer, L. Lange, and J. Lelieveld, 2002: Seasonal variations of a mixing layer in the lowermost stratosphere as identified by the CO-O3 correlation from in situ measurements. J. Geophys. Res, 107(D5), 10.1029/2000JD000289.

If interested, you can read more about AGU's use of DOIs and publishing strategies.

Campus libraries have decided, for cost reasons, to not provide electronic access to AGU journals (see Library News, January 2002 for details). If you need copies of articles published by the AGU or anyone else, please contact the Library.


Here are two sources to help you decipher journal abbreviations or find the correct abbreviation for a specific style:

All That JAS: Journal Abbreviation Sources, Current (updates vary)
All That JAS is a categorized registry of 123 Web resources that list or provide access to the full title of journal abbreviations or other types of abbreviated publication titles (example: conference proceedings titles). Selected online public access catalogs that offer abbreviated title searching have also been included. In addition, All That JAS includes select lists and directories that provide access to the unabbreviated titles of serial publications. This resource was developed by the Iowa State University Library and is open to everyone.

Help with American Meteorological Society journal abbreviations can be found in Appendix B of their Author's Guide. Appendix B is a list of commonly cited journals and the accepted abbreviation form for each title. A more complete listing of journal abbreviations is available in the Chemical Abstracts Core Journals which serves as the standard reference for AMS publications for any journal not listed in appendix B.

A complete guide to reference formats is provided in the AMS Guidelines for Preparing References.

If you need help verifying references, finding references, formatting references, etc., please check with Library staff for help.