Schwerdtfeger Library News --May 2004

Schwerdtfeger Library News - May 2004

By Jean Phillips, Librarian




Schwerdtfeger Library Publications Database

Library publications are now searchable in the Schwerdtfeger Library Publications Database. The database includes a subset of our collection that is not found in MadCat. It is searchable by series, author(s), title, date or journal title. All records include a full citation or enough information to locate the item and the user can select the output style. Any materials that do not circulate are available for use in the Library. Please experiment with searching the database -- your comments are appreciated. There is a link to the database from the Library's web page.

The database includes the following series:

  • SSEC Publications: internal reports, reports on contracts and grants, annual reports of the Space Science and Engineering Center. SSEC Publications do not circulate.
  • AOS Publications: theses and dissertations, annual reports, papers of the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. AOS Publications circulate.
  • Reprints: refereed and conference papers published by SSEC and AOS faculty and scientific staff. Reprints do not circulate.
  • VAS Publications: VISSR Atmospheric Sounder Collection: 895 items, 1965-1996, assessment reports, memoranda, letters, minutes, progress reports, instrument specifications, conceptual design review(s), instrument development, instrument calibration, instrument performance, instrument evaluation, research objectives, data processing, system evaluation, system requirements, data. VAS Publications do not circulate.
  • Meteorological Satellite History: proposals, papers, letters, memos documenting history, major programs and policy decisions of early meteorological satellite programs. Meteorological Satellite History materials do not circulate.

Consult the database help file or contact the library for search tips. As always, library staff are available to help you with any information retrieval questions you may have.

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Online Circulation

Perhaps some of you have noticed the new equipment at the circulation desk in the Library. We're preparing to implement the online circulation module that goes along with MadCat. What does that mean for you? To name just a few things, it means:

  • records in MadCat for the Schwerdtfeger Library will no longer say, "Ask Library staff for current status." Instead, the status line in the record will tell you whether an item is checked out or not
  • no more signing those white cards because the entire collection will eventually be bar coded --you'll have to bring your UW ID with you when you borrow materials from the Library
  • you'll be able to request books from another library on campus and have them delivered to the Schwerdtfeger Library
  • you'll be able to recall materials already checked out by someone else
  • Open Return materials will be checked back in at the Schwerdtfeger Library rather than at Memorial, expediting the process, eliminating some unnecessary fines and holds
  • your overdue notices will be generated from here, although, we will continue to over-ride them if we know that a particular item is required for long term use by a researcher
  • you'll be able to renew materials online
  • our circulation policies and patron categories have been modified slightly to comply with the circulation system requirements and the language in use by campus libraries, though they are still very generous
  • we'll be able to track materials more efficiently and keep more accurate statistics on what is being used and not used so that we can strengthen specific areas of the collection
  • our course reserves will be listed online along with those of other campus libraries

At some point in the near future we'll be recalling materials that you have checked out from the Schwerdtfeger Library so that we can barcode them and get them into the system. Once that's done, you're welcome to check them out again. Materials that you have on "indefinite loan" because we purchased them for a specific program will not be bar coded at this time, nor will they appear in MadCat.

We are very excited about this transition and hope that you'll bear with us as we learn the ins and outs of the circulation module.

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Monthly Weather Review Update

The NOAA Central Library has been involved in an imaging project to rescue early issues of Monthly Weather Review. As a result, back issues of Monthly Weather Review, 1950-1973, have been indexed and are now available online via the AMS/Allen Press web site. The group is currently working on issues published during the 1940s and intends to go as far back as 1872.

The Monthly Weather Review first began publication in October 1872. It was issued by the Office of the Chief Signal Officer from 1872 until 1891. In 1891 the duties of the Signal Office transferred to the new Weather Bureau and the Bureau took over publication. The Weather Bureau published the Review until 1970 when the it became part of the newly-formed National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. NOAA published the Review until the end of 1973. With the beginning of 1974 publication was turned over to the American Meteorological Society which continues publishing the Review to this day (excerpted from NOAA Central Library MWR Project).

Since the AMS did not own the copyright for Monthly Weather Review until 1974, all issues of the journal published from 1872 until 1973 will be available free of charge. Anything after 1974 requires a license.

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New Electronic Reports and Books

Preliminary report of the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy - Governors' draft. The Commission, 2004.

Electronic scientific, technical, and medical journal publishing and its implications: Report of a symposium. NAP, 2004.

Federal funds for research and development: Fiscal years 2001, 2002 and 2003. National Science Foundation, 2004.


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