The Schwerdtfeger Library News - August 2005

By Jean Phillips, Librarian


Campus Libraries Roll Out MetaLib on August 8th

MetaLib is an information portal to library collections. It enables institutions to provide their patrons with access to information resources such as catalogs, reference databases, citation databases, and e-journals through a MetaSearch™ capability.

The MetaSearch™ technology enables users to conduct federated searching— also known as simultaneous searching or cross-database searching. In this type of search process, a user submits a query to numerous information resources. For example, searchers interested in atmospheric science resources should eventually be able to search across the core databases of the discipline even though the databases are produced by different vendors (currently, only "general resources" can be searched simultaneously). There are advantages to this approach for the novice searcher but for experienced searchers, I recommend going directly to the research databases found on the Library's home page and searching in the native language of the file. This still offers a more sophisticated search with more flexibility and control and a more meaningful display of results.

The campus libraries version of MetaLib is called the "E-Resource Gateway: Article Databases and more" and as of August 8, is listed as such on the campus libraries home page, replacing the old heading, "Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers."

We have been working with campus libraries to make sure the primary and secondary tools for the atmospheric sciences are reflected, but because of time constraints, not all subject categories will have all databases listed in August when the system is implemented. Sometime in the fall the subject listing for the atmospheric sciences (found within the physical sciences) will be released. It will include "core" resources as well as "related resources" and will also include resources for oceanography and climate. Note that the heading for this discipline will be: Atmospheric/Oceanic/Climate.

Contact any library staff member for help searching these or any other earth sciences databases.


Publications by AOS, CIMSS and SSEC Authors

People from the outside frequently contact the Library or visit its web site when seeking publications authored here, and while many of those publications are hosted on project web sites, many are not. Last spring, library staff created a mechanism for AOS faculty to search their publications and display them according to type: reviewed literature, gray literature or all literature together. We have expanded this feature to include papers by CIMSS and SSEC authors.

To look at the site, from the Library's Publications Database select "Publications by Affiliation" in the lower blue bar, and from there, select AOS, CIMSS or SSEC. Please note that all papers (with a few exceptions) have an SSEC Reprint number which means there is a copy of that paper in our files. This is a work in progress. The goal is to have a record of all that you've published, but we are not there yet.

You'll notice that when records are displayed, the default is to display reviewed literature, with the option of displaying gray literature or all publications together.

I'm interested in your comments, so please take a look at your publications. If your name is not listed, and should be, please let me know so that we can correct the oversight. Conversely, if your name is listed where it should not be, let me know that, too.

We make a point of tracking your intellectual output but the sources that we use may not index all of your publications. If there are papers missing from our files, you are welcome to send me a current cv or a link to a web site where they are listed, and we'll make sure the papers are added. As always, I encourage you to notify the Library any time you publish -- either by giving us two reprints of the article or a simple e-mail notifying us of the forthcoming paper.


ASLI's Choice:  Award for the Best Book of 2005
What is your favorite book of 2005?

The Atmospheric Science Librarians International (ASLI) is seeking nominations for the best book of 2005 in the fields of meteorology, climatology, atmospheric sciences.  The award committee will present ASLI's Choice Award at the 2006 AMS Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Criteria used to judge submissions include: uniqueness, comprehensiveness, usefulness, quality, authoritativeness, organization, illustrations/diagrams and references.  To qualify, the book must have a 2005 copyright date and can be in any format, language or reading level: college, research, general audience, reference.  

Readers are invited to submit nominations to Maria Latyszewskyj, chair of the ASLI Awards Committee, or to complete the form on the ASLI web site.You may nominate as many works as you wish, but the Committee asks that you complete a separate entry form for each work.   November 30, 2005 is the deadline for submissions.  The ASLI executive board will make the final selection from titles pre-screened by the Awards Committee. 


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