The Schwerdtfeger Library News - October 2005

By Jean Phillips, Librarian


FY 2006 Appropriations

Fiscal year (FY) 2006 began on October 1, but the FY 2006 appropriations are unfinished. So far, only the Department of the Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have their final budgets. All other agencies are still waiting for their final budgets, and are operating at 2005 levels under the first continuing resolution.

The House of Representatives has drafted and approved all of its FY 2006 appropriations bills. R&D Funding Updates on House appropriations are available for the National Science Foundation, NASA, Department of Commerce, Department of Defense, and Department of Energy. (AAAS Science & Policy)

The Schwerdtfeger Library regularly posts NASA, NOAA and NSF budgets and budget requests to Congress. To track the status of federal legislative information, consult THOMAS. There, you can also monitor the status of FY2006 appropriations bills.



Beginning this fall, the Library's course on "finding scholarly information in the atmospheric sciences" becomes one of the regular presentations of AOS 907, a research seminar required of all graduate students. Faculty have agreed that it is important to familiarize students with the range of research tools available to them and how to use them effectively. Last week 25-30 students participated. The class is offered each semester.


Statistics on English Language Book Publishing

Bowker, the world’s leading provider of bibliographic information, released statistics on English-language book publishing compiled from its Global Books In Print® database. The total number of new English language books available in the English-speaking world in 2004 was a staggering 450,000.

“The good news is that English language publishers, powered by the prolific U.S. publishing industry, produced 40% of all new book content in the world,” said Michael Cairns, president of New Providence, NJ-based Bowker “The bad news is that recent growth in new title output has been driven by increases in “soft” categories like adult fiction, religion and children’s books. The precipitous decline of science and technology books last year alongside the five-year burst in the computer books bubble is troubling and does not augur well for the ability of the English-speaking countries to innovate and compete in the future.”


Libraries: A Special Report

The September 30, 2005 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education includes a a special report on libraries. The report includes commentary on everything from planning and designing new libraries to a discussion of the information technology and pedagogical skills that librarians must possess to an opinion piece on how a digital repository of books and articles is not the same as an academic library to why the University of Chicago faculty are "united in thinking that [the new library] building is supposed to be the research center...of intellectual life at the campus and we can't afford to let it turn into an Internet cafe."

This print issue of The Chronicle can be found in the Schwerdtfeger Library.


Allied Drive Outreach Award

Special Purpose Libraries affiliated with the Allied Drive reading program have been recognized with a commendation from the Academic Staff Executive Committee of the Academic Staff Assembly at the UW-Madison.

Campus libraries have an outreach mission to extend their resources to the community. For the last year, librarians from special purpose libraries on the Madison campus have developed reading programs for children participating in the Madison School and Community Recreation's (MSCR) after-school program in the Allied Drive neighborhood. The program is intended to expose kids to libraries and library materials to help minimize an achievement gap in literacy. The Schwerdtfeger Library will participate again in November.



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