The Schwerdtfeger Library News - November 2005

By Jean Phillips, Librarian


Schwerdtfeger Library Receives Gift

Professor De'er Zhang, Chief Scientist with the National Climate Center in Beijing, has given The Schwerdtfeger Library a four-volume set containing 3,000 years of Chinese climate data. A Compendium of Chinese Meteorological Records of the Last 3,000 Years was presented to Jean Phillips by Mr. Feng Lu, Zhang's son, currently working with Paul Menzel. Professor Zhang worked in the mid-80s with Dr. Pao K. Wang, who facilitated this donation and the introductions:

I present this book to the Library of the Center for Climatic Research and the Department of Meteorology as my happy memory during my pleasant stay (1986-88) at the UW-Madison

This Compendium is a systematic collection and compilation of Chinese historical records of weather, climatic conditions, atmospheric physical phenomena and other written records related to meteorological conditions such as insect damage, plague, famine and disaster, from the 23rd century BC to 1911 AD, a period of more than 3000 years.

Volume I contains records from the ancient past to the Yuan Dynasty (23rd Century BC to 1367 AD). Many of the early records, bone inscriptions, were collected for the volume as ink rubbings and transcribed. Volume II includes records from the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1643 AD), Volume III covers the Early Zing Dynasty (1644 - 1795 AD), and Volume IV, the Later Qing Dynasty (1796 - 1911 AD).

Carefully researched by consulting thousands of documents, the volumes provide important fundamental data for the study of weather, climate and the environment but also contain many exquisite and delicate reproductions of ancient Chinese documents. Additionally, these documents offer a window into the charm of Chinese literature and historical writings.

The Library thanks Professor Zhang for this gracious gift. All four volumes can be found in The Schwerdtfeger Library's reference collection.


Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society

The campus will have online access to the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society beginning in 2006.

Looking for another electronic journal? You'll probably find it on the Schwerdtfeger Library's Electronic Journal site. Contact the Library for help retrieving articles from journals for which the campus does not have a subscription or license.


RefWorks Enhanced with RefShare
Tools for developing and sharing databases and bibliographies

RefShare provides RefWorks users with a quick and easy way to share their research information, further enhancing collaborative research.  Users can share their RefWorks references with both members of their own institution or with any researcher having Internet access.

To begin using RefWorks, simply create an account: Library staff have created a tutorial to help you with the basics.


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