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by Jean Phillips


Remembering Verner Edward Suomi, The Father of Satellite Meteorology: An Oral History

Last November, as part of the 50th Anniversary celebration, we filmed an oral history in honor of the life and work of Verner Suomi. Panelists for the oral history included Suomi's colleagues: Bob Fox (moderator), Larry Sromovsky, Don Johnson, Tom Haig, Chuck Stearns, Tom Vonder Haar, and Bill Smith.

Oral histories are recognized as vital supplements to the written record. They uncover and preserve reminiscences and stories of personal interactions that might otherwise go undocumented.

The project was directed by Jean Phillips and Paul Menzel, who researched, planned and framed questions for discussion, panel selection and format, videography, permissions and releases, and distribution. All facets of the oral history were shared with panel members well in advance of the taping to solicit their input. The video is available through the Schwerdtfeger Library and will also be submitted to the University of Wisconsin Archives Oral History Program. The transcipt will be available soon.

Listen to, Remembering Verner Edward Suomi.


Special Symposium on Meteorological and Environmental Satellite Observing Systems

At the AMS Annual Meeting in Atlanta, three groups partnered to host a special symposium on meteorological satellite observing systems to celebrate the beginnings of our weather satellite program. They were, the Satellite Meteorology and Oceanography Committee, the History of the Atmospheric Sciences Committee, and the Atmospheric Science Librarians International.

This combination of history, science, and libraries and archives reflected the mutually beneficial relationship and shared values that exist among the varied disciplines; how one relies upon the other. Science forges new territory and discovery; history makes sense of and tells the story of those discoveries in the context of our collective past; and libraries and archives create mechanisms for discovery and preservation for all of them, so that they can be rediscovered over and over into the future. And with distance and rediscovery, the stories of our past and the important scientific milestones of our past, become ever more complex and revealing.

Our panel of speakers, a number of them from SSEC, enlightened and entertained with their discussion of the colorful history of satellite meteorology. Speakers included: Paul Menzel (CIMSS), Bill Smith (Hampton U.), Erik Conway (JPL historian), Tom Vonder Haar (CSU), Johannes Schmetz (EUMETSAT), and Gary Davis (NOAA). Recorded presentations will soon be available on the AMS web site.


Did you know...

...that books requested from other libraries on campus or from UW System libraries can be delivered to the Schwerdtfeger Library? First, find a book in MadCat that you want to read. Next, place a request, by logging on to your MadCat account using your last name and 11-digit ID number. Follow the directions for recalling an item or retrieving from the shelf. Finally, select the Schwerdtfeger Library as the "pickup location." You'll be notified via e-mail when the book can be picked up.

Please let us know if you need help using this system, requesting items not available on campus or have questions in general about using library-based tools.


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