Resources in the Atmospheric Sciences

Finding Journal Articles

The UW-Madison Libraries have licensed many databases for your use. Those containing literature related to the atmospheric sciences are selectively listed below, with the best meteorology-related files listed toward the top. Once you find specific articles you'd like to read, search for the journal titles in MadCat to determine which libraries on campus have them or use the Find It button within the record to locate full-text journal articles.

Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts July 1974 - to date (updated biweekly) Covers meteorology, climatology, physical oceanography, hydrology, glaciology, remote sensing, atmospheric chemistry and physics. Includes journal articles, conference proceedings, books and chapters within books, reports, etc. Includes abstracts. **Consult the print version of Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts when searching pre-1974.
Web of Science 1965 - to date (updated weekly) A combination of three databases covering sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities.  Use Science Citation Index to do cited reference searching -- to find out who cited a particular author or paper, how many times it was cited, and link to complete list of the cited references.  You can also do general subject or author searching and analyze results.


NTIS Bibliographic Index 1964 - to date (updated quarterly) Contains descriptions of U.S. government-sponsored, science and technology research from agencies such as DOD, DOE, DOT, EPA, and NASA covering astronomy, atmospheric science, biotechnology, computers, energy, engineering, environment, etc.  Includes reports on contracts and grants, technical memoranda, technical reports, dissertations, etc
INSPEC 1896 - to date (updated monthly) Covers the fields of physics, electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, computers, etc. Includes journal articles, conference papers, significant books, technical reports and dissertations. **Consult Computer and Control Abstracts, Science Abstracts Series A:  Physics Abstracts and Science Abstracts Series B: Electrical and Electronics Abstracts in print when searching pre-1969.
GEOREF 1693 (North America)
1933 (Worldwide) (updated bimonthly)
Indexes the earth sciences literature of the world including journal articles, conference papers, maps, reports, guidebooks, theses and some monographs. 
Oceanic Abstracts 1981 – to date (updated monthly) Primary database for marine resources, abstracting nearly 500 journals covering marine biology and physical oceanography, fisheries, aquacuflture, non-living resources, meteorology and geology, plus environmental, technological, and legislative topics.
High Technology Research Database with Aerospace 1962 - to date (biweekly) Covers research in the areas of aeronautics, astronautics, computer technology, electronics, space sciences, atmospheric sciences. Good international coverage.
NASA CASI Technical Report Server (updated weekly) The NASA CASI TRS (Center for Information Technical Report Server) database contains more than 2.2 million citations and abstracts for publicly available documents, journal articles, and conference proceedings.
Conference Papers Index 1982 - to date (updated bimonthly) Provides citations to papers and poster sessions presented at major scientific meetings around the world.
Google and Google Scholar Search for scientific literature with results ranked by relevancy. Read About Google Scholar for more information on content and coverage. See Google's Advanced Search page to limit searches to link, title or domain. For more in-depth information, subject-specific databases (listed above) are highly recommended.