Resources in the Atmospheric Sciences

Reference Resources

Atmospheric Science Resources Forecasts, climate data, maps and charts, open access e-journals, career and education
Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology Edited by Christopher Morris. San Diego, Academic Press, 1992. Q/123/A33/1992 (Schwerdtfeger Library) One of the largest collected reference works on the vocabulary of science.
Citation Guides American Meteorological Society, American Geophysical Union, American Institute of Physics, Internet Citation Guides (UW-Madison), Citing References in Your Paper (Writing Center, UW-Madison)
Climate Data Sources By The Schwerdtfeger Library.
Includes: Local, regional and U.S. climate information, global climate information, climate offices and centers, and links to related resources.
Compendium of Meteorology Edited by Thomas F. Malone. Boston, MA, American Meteorological Society, 1951. QC/852/A5/REF (Schwerdtfeger Library)
Copyright Law and Graduate Research By Kenneth Crews.
"Although this guide focuses on doctoral dissertations, its principles extend as well to master's theses and many other works. Much of this work also examines the fundamentals of copyright; the information presented here ought to be useful for seasoned researchers needing a succinct overview or refresher as they prepare new works from journal articles to multimedia projects."
Schools in the Atmospheric, Oceanic, Hydrologic, and Related Sciences (2003) A joint publication of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR).
Includes: alphabetical index of universities and colleges, by degree offered, by state and by UCAR membership.  University/college listings include information on degree and course offerings, faculty research interests, titles of theses and dissertations completed, types of financial support available, titles and amounts of research grants and contracts in effect.
Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather Edited by Stephen H. Schneider. New York, Oxford University Press, 1996. 2 volumes. QC/854/E523/1996/REF (Schwerdtfeger Library)
Glossary of Meteorology Edited by Todd S. Glickman.  Boston, American Meteorological Society, 2000  QC/854/G55/2000/REF (Schwerdtfeger Library).
Defines meteorological terms found in the literature today.
Handbook of Weather, Climate, and Water: Atmospehric Chemistry, Hydrology, and Societal Impacts Edited by Thomas D. Potter and Bradley R. Colman. Hoboken, NJ, Wiley-Interscience, 2003. QC/861.2/P67/2003/REF (Schwerdtfeger Library).
Handbook of Weather, Climate, and Water: Dynamics, Climate, Physical Meteorology, Weather Systems, and Measurements Edited by Thomas D. Potter and Bradley R. Colman. Hoboken, NJ, Wiley-Interscience, 2003. QC/880/H34/2003/REF (Schwerdtfeger Library)
International Meteorological Vocabulary 2nd edition. Geneva, World Meteorological Organization, 1992. QC/854/W67/1992/REF (Schwerdtfeger Library)
Author's Resource Center (ARC) By the American Meteorological Society.
Includes: Journal editors' homepages, AMS Guidelines for Preparing References, Authors' Guide, Copyright policy and forms, Sample letter asking permission to use figures, tables, etc.
Science Next Wave Career Resources for Scientists --  the weekly on-line publication devoted to scientific training and career development, provides global news, profiles of emerging careers, and advice from experts and role models drawn from the international scientific community. Includes access to Science Magazine.
Standards, Specifications and Regulations By The Schwerdtfeger Library
Includes: Schwerdtfeger Library Standards Database, finding and purchasing standards, standards issuing organizations, regulations. Some standards may also be found in MadCat, though it is important to check for the current version.
Weather America:  A Thirty-Year Summary of Statistical Weather Data & Rankings Edited by David Garoogian.  2nd edition. Lakeville, CT, Grey House Publishing, 2001. QC/983/W385/2000/REF. (Schwerdtfeger Library)
Includes: National weather stations, cooperative weather stations, major storm events, weather rankings, maps, state climate descriptions, weather stations descriptions, weather information resources.