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26. Colwell, Steve R.; Cayette, Arthur M.; Lazzara, Matthew A.; Powers, Jordan G.; Bromwich, David H.; Cassano, John J. and Carpenter, Scott. The 10th Antarctic Meteorological Observation, Modeling, and Forecasting WorkshopAdvances in Atmospheric Sciences, Volume: 33, Issue: 5, 2016, pp.656-658. Reprint # 7572. 

27. Costanza, Carol A. and Lazzara, Matthew A.. Antarctic meteorology broader impacts with students. Boulder, CO, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), 2017. Reprint # 8090. 

28. Costanza, Carol A.; Lazzara, Matthew W.; Keller, Linda M. and Cassano, John J.. The surface climatology of the Ross Ice Shelf AntarcticaInternational Journal of Climatology, Volume: 36, Issue: 15, 2016. Reprint # 7748. 
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29. Costanza, Carol A.; Welhouse, Lee; Mikolajczyk, David E.; Lazzara, Matthew A.; Weidner, George and Keller, Linda M.. The UW-Madison 2016-2017 Antarctic Automatic Weather Station program field season: McMurdo AWS and international collaboration. Boulder, CO, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), 2017. Reprint # 8085. 

30. Costanza, Carol; Keller, Linda; Lazzara, Matthew; Thom, Jonathan and Welhouse, Lee. Antarctic climatology using Automatic Weather Stations. Raleigh, NC, National Weather Association, 2012, Abstract P0.24. 

31. Costanza, Carol; Lazzara, Matthew A. and Keller, Linda M.. South Pole AMPS temperature comparison. Columbus. OH, Ohio State University, Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, 2016. abstract. 

32. Costanza, Carol; Lazzara, Matthew A.; Keller, Linda and Cassano, John J.. The surface climatology of the Ross Ice Shelf Antarctica. Madison, WI, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Space Science and Engineering Center, 2015. Reprint # 7417. 

33. Costanza, Carol; Mikolajczyk, Dave and Lazzara, Matthew. Antarctic Meteorological Research Center's McIDAS usage and future cyberinfrastructure. Madison, WI, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Space Science and Engineering Center, 2015, PowerPoint presentation. 
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34. Davis, D. D.; Eisele, F.; Chen, G.; Crawford, J.; Huey, G.; Tanner, D.; Slusher, D.; Mauldin, L.; Oncley, S.; Lenschow, D.; Semmer, S.; Shetter, R.; Lefer, B.; Arimoto, R.; Hogan, A.; Grube, P.; Lazzara, M.; Bandy, A.; Thornton, D.; Berreshein, H.; Bingemer, H.; Hutterli, M.; McConnell, J.; Bales, R.; Dibb, J.; Buhr, M.; Park, J.; McMurry, P.; Swanson, A.; Meinardi, S. and Blake, D.. An overview of ISCAT 2000Atmospheric Environment, Volume: 38, Issue: 32, 2004, pp.5363-5373. Reprint # 4402. 

35. de Los Milagros Skansi, Maria; King, John; Lazzara, Matthew A.; Derveny, Randall S.; Stella, Jose Luis; Solomon, Susan; Jones, Phil; Bromwich, David; Renwick, James; Burt, Christopher C.; Peterson, Thomas C.; Brunet, Manola; Driouech, Fatima; Vosse, Russell and Krahenbuhl, Daniel. Evaluating highest temperature extremes in the AntarcticEOS Earth and Space Science News, Volume: 98, 2017. Reprint # 7879. 
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36. Fons, Steven W.; Lazzara, Matthew A. and Keller, Linda M.. A comparison of Automatic Weather Station measurements at Dome C, Antarctica. Columbus. OH, Ohio State University, Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, 2016. Reprint # 7619. 
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37. Friend, Arnold L. and Stearns, Charles R.. Improved method for the optical determination of temperature profilesBoundary-Layer Meteorology, Volume: 1, Issue: 2, 1970, pp.227-239. Reprint # 5775. 
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38. Genthon, C.; Six, D.; Favier, V.; Lazzara, M. and Keller, L.. Atmospheric temperature measurements biases on the Antarctic plateau. Melbourne, Australia, Bureau of Meteorology, Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research (CAWCR), 2011, unpaged. Reprint # 6577. 

39. Genthon, Christophe; Six, Delphine; Favier, Vincent; Lazzara, Matthew and Keller, Linda. Atmospheric temperature measurement biases on the Antarctic PlateauJournal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, Volume: 28, Issue: 12, 2011, pp.1598-1605. Reprint # 6585. 
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40. Ghiz, Madison L.; Scott, Ryan C.; Vogelmann, Andrew M.; Lenaerts, Jan T. M.; Lazzara, Matthew and Lubin, Dan. Energetics of surface melt in West AntarcticaCryosphere, Volume: 15, Issue: 7, 2021, pp.3459-3494. Reprint # 8712. 
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41. Hanson, C. S.; Barry, R. G. and Stearns, C. R.. Workshop on the US Antarctic Meteorological Data Delivery System, Boulder, CO, 10-11 September 1987: Meeting reviewBulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Volume: 69, Issue: 6, 1988, pp.627. Reprint # 5042. 

42. Hill, Kathie; Keller, Linda and Lazzara, Matthew. The South Pole meteorological comparison and CLIMAT message project. Boulder, CO, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), 2006, unpaged. Reprint # 5158. 

43. Hitchman, M.; Rogal, M. J.; Kinoshita, T.; Loeb, N.; Welhouse, L. J.; Lazzara, M. A.; Keller, L. and Tripoli, G. J.. Effects of ENSO on Southern Hemisphere jet structures. Washington, DC, American Geophysical Union, 2014, Abstract A33E-3241. 

44. Hitchman, Matthew H. and Lazzara, Matthew A.. Sensitivity of Southern Hemispheric atmospheric structures to tropical forcing. Annual project report on NSF-GEO-AGS grant #ANT-1256215, 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2014. Annual report to Atmospheric and Geospatial Sciences, Geoscience Directorate, Nationa. Madison, WI, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Space Science and Engineering Center, 2014. Call Number: UW SSEC Publication No.14.02.H1. 
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45. Hitchman, Matthew H.; Rogal, M. J.; Rowe, S. M.; Tripoli, G. J.; Loeb, N.; Welhouse, L J.; Lazzara, M.; Keller, L. and Kinoshita, T.. Effects of ENSO on Southern Hemisphere jet structures. Boston, MA, American Meteorological Society, 2015, Abstract 14.3. 

46. Hogan, A.; Grube, P.; Lazzara, M. and Davis, D.. Meteorological analysis of the ISCAT 2000 field program. Washington, DC, American Geophysical Union, 2001, Abstract A51B-0064. 

47. Hogan, A.; Stearns, C. and Weidner, G.. Meteorological surveys in support of ice airfields in Antarctica. Boston, MA, American Meteorological Society, 1992, pp.42-43. Reprint # 3204. 

48. Holmes, R. E.; Stearns, C. R.; Weidner, G. A. and Keller, L. M.. Utilization of automatic weather station data for forecasting high wind speeds at Pegasus Runway, AntarcticaWeather and Forecasting, Volume: 15, Issue: 2, 2000, pp.137-151. Reprint # 2705. 
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49. Holmes, Robert E. and Stearns, Charles R.. Use of automatic weather station data for forecasting high wind speed events at Pegasus RunwayAntarctic Journal of the United States, Volume: 30, Issue: 5, 1995, pp.329-331. Reprint # 4941. 
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50. Holmes, Robert E.; Stearns, Charles R. and Weidner, George A.. Antarctic automatic weather stations: Austral summer 1993-1994Antarctic Journal of the United States, Volume: 28, Issue: 5, 1993, pp.296-299. Reprint # 4933. 
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