Daniel H. DeSlover

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1. Tobin, David; Revercomb, Henry; Knuteson, Robert; Taylor, Joe; Best, Fred; Borg, Lori; DeSlover, Dan; Martin, Graeme; Buijs, Henry; Esplin, Mark; Glumb, Ronald; Han, Yong; Mooney, Daniel; Predina, Joe; Strow, Larrabee; Suwinski,Lawrence and Wang, Likun. Suomi-NPP CrIS radiometric calibration uncertainty. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, Volume 118, Issue 18, 2013, doi:10.1002/jgrd.50809. Reprint # 7079.
2. Han, Yong; Revercomb, Henry; Cromp, Mike; Gu, Degui; Johnson, David; Mooney, Daniel; Scott, Deron; Strow, Larrabee; Bingham, Gail; Borg, Lori; Chen, Yong; DeSlover, Daniel; Esplin, Mark; Hagan, Denise; Jin, Xin; Knuteson, Robert; Motteler, Howard; Predina, Joe; Suwinski, Lawrence; Taylor, Joe; Tobin, David; Tremblay, Denis; Wang, Chunming; Wang, Lihong; Wang, Likun and Zavyalov, Vladimir. Suomi NPP CrIS measurements, sensor data record algorithm, calibration and validation activities, and record data quality. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, Volume 118, Issue 22, 2013, doi:10.1002/2013JD020344. Reprint # 7120.
3. Comstock, Jennifer M.; d-Entremont, Robert; DeSlover, Daniel; Mace, Gerald G.; Matrosov, Sergey Y.; McFarlane, Sally A.; Minnis, Patrick; Mitchell, David; Sassen,Kenneth; Shupe, Matthew D.; Turner, David D. and Wang, Zhien. An intercomparison of microphysical retrieval algorithms for upper-tropospheric ice clouds. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Volume 88, Issue 2, 2007, pp.191-204. Reprint # 5310.
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4. Knuteson, R. O.; Best, F. A.; DeSlover, D. H.; Osborne, B. J.; Revercomb, H. E. and Smith, W. L. Sr. Infrared land surface remote sensing using high spectral resolution aircraft observations. Advances in Space Research, Volume 33, Issue 7, 2004, pp.1114-1119. Reprint # 3720.
5. DeSlover, Daniel H.; Smith, William L.; Piironen, Paivi, K. and Eloranta, Edwin W. A methodology for measuring cirrus cloud visible-to-infrared spectral optical depth ratios. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, Volume 16, Issue 2, 1999, pp.251-262. Reprint # 2576.
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6. Smith, W. L.; Ackerman, S.; Revercomb, H.; Huang, H.; DeSlover, D. H.; Feltz, W. and Gumley, L. Infrared spectral absorption of nearly invisible cirrus clouds. Geophysical Research Letters, Volume 25, Issue 8, 1998, pp.1137-1140. Reprint # 2672.