Chad M. Gravelle

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1. Cintineo, John L.; Pavolonis, Michael J.; Sieglaff, Justin M.; Lindsey, Daniel T.; Cronce, Lee; Gerth, Jordan; Rodenkirch, Benjamin; Brunner, Jason and Gravelle, Chad. The NOAA/CIMSS ProbSevere Model: Incorporation of total lightning and validation. Weather and Forecasting, Issue 1, 2018, pp.331-345. Reprint # 8269.
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2. Gravelle, Chad M.; Mecikalski, John R.; Line, William E.; Bedka, Kristopher M.; Petersen, Ralph A.; Sieglaff, Justin M.; Stano, Geoffrey T. and Goodman, Steven J. Demonstration of a GOES-R satellite convective toolkit to 'bridge the gap' between severe weather watches and warnings: An example from the 20 May 2013 Moore, Oklahoma, tornado outbreak. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Volume 97, Issue 1, 2016, pp.69-84. Reprint # 7564.
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