Derrick C. Herndon

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1. Velden, Christopher; Olander, Timothy; Herndon, Derrick and Kossin, James P. Reprocessing the most intense historical tropical cyclones in the satellite era using the Advanced Dvorak Technique. Monthly Weather Review, Volume 145, Issue 3, 2017, pp.971-983. Reprint # 7876.
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2. Doyle, James D.; Moskaitis, Jonathan R.; Feldmeier, Joel W.; Ferek, Ronald J.; Beaubien, Mark; Bell, Michael M.; Cecil, Daniel L.; Creasey, Robert L.; Duran, Patrick; Elsberry, Russell L.; Komaromi, William A.; Molinari, John; Ryglicki, David R.; Stern, Daniel P.; Velden, Christopher S.; Wang, Xuguang; Allen, Todd; Barrett, Bradford S.; Black, Peter G.; Dunion, Jason P.; Emanuel, Kerry A.; Harr, Patrick A.; Harrison, Lee; Hendricks, Eric A.; Herndon, Derrick; Jeffries, William Q.; Majumdar, Sharanya J.; Morre, James A.; Pu, Zhaoxia; Rogers, Robert F.; Sanabia, Elizabeth R.; Tripoli, Gregory J. and Zhang, Da-Lin. A view of tropical cyclones from above: The Tropical Cyclone Intensity experiment. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Volume 98, Issue 10, 2017, pp.2113-2134. Reprint # 8191.
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3. Walker, Nan D.; Leben, Robert R.; Pilley, Chet T.; Shannon, Michael; Herndon, Derrick C.; Pun, Iam-Fei; Lin. I.-I. and Gentemann, Chelle L. Slow translation speed causes rapid collapse of northeast Pacific Hurricane Kenneth over cold core eddy. Geophysical Research Letters, Volume 41, Issue 21, 2014, pp.7595-7601. Reprint # 7323.
4. Kossin, James P.; Knaff, John A.; Berger, Howard I.; Herndon, Derrick C.; Cram, Thomas A.; Velden, Christopher S.; Murnane, Richard J. and Hawkins, Jeffrey D. Estimating hurricane wind structure in the absence of aircraft reconnaissance. Weather and Forecasting, Volume 22, Issue 1, 2007, pp.89-101. Reprint # 5282.
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