Daniel D. LaPorte

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1. Tobin, David C.; Revercomb, Henry E.; Knuteson, Robert O.; Best, Fred A.; Smith, William L.; Ciganovich, Nick N.; Dedecker, Ralph G.; Dutcher, Steven; Ellington, Scott D.; Garcia, Raymond K.; Howell, H. Benjamin; LaPorte, Daniel D.; Mango, Stephen A.; Pagano, Thomas S.; Taylor, Joe K.; van Delst, Paul; Vinson, Kenneth H. and Werner, Mark W. Radiometric and spectral validation of Atmospheric Infrared Sounder observations with the aircraft-based Scanning High-Resolution Interferometer Sounder. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, Volume 111, 2006, doi:10.1029/2005JD006094. Reprint # 5054.
2. Smith, W. L.; Revercomb, H. E.; Howell, H. B.; Huang, H.-L.; Knuteson, R. O.; Koenig, E. W.; LaPorte, D. D.; Silverman, S.; Sromovsky, L. A. and Woolf, H. M. GHIS-The GOES High-resolution Interferometer Sounder. Journal of Applied Meteorology, Volume 29, Issue 12, 1990, pp.1189-1204. Reprint # 579.
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3. Smith, W. L.; Revercomb, H. E.; LaPorte, D. D.; Woolf, H. M.; Howell, H. B.; Knuteson, R. O.; Huang, H. L.; Sromovsky, L. A. and Silverman, S. GHIS - The Geostationary High-resolution Interferometer Sounder. CIMSS View, Volume 5, Issue 1, 1989, pp.1-11. Reprint # 3905.
4. Revercomb, Henry E.; Buijs, H.; Howell, Hugh B.; LaPorte, D. D.; Smith, William L. and Sromovsky, L. A. Radiometric calibration of IR Fourier transform spectrometers: Solution to a problem with the High-resolution Interferometer Sounder. Applied Optics, Volume 27, Issue 15, 1988, pp.3210-3218. Reprint # 996.
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5. Revercomb, Henry E.; LaPorte, Daniel D.; Smith, William L.; Buijs, Henry; Murcray, David G.; Murcray, Frank J. and Sromovsky, Lawrence A. High-altitude aircraft measurements of upwelling IR radiance: Prelude to FTIR from geosynchronous satellite. Mikrochimica Acta (International Conference on Fourier Transform Spectroscopy, 6th, Vienna, Austria, 24-28 August 1987), Volume 2, Issue 1, 1988, pp.439-444. Reprint # 276.
6. LaPorte, Daniel D.; Carpenter, James D. and Revercomb, Henry E. A radiometric Fourier transform spectrometer for the measurement of downwelling atmospheric emission. Mikrochim Acta, Volume 2, Issue 1, 1988, pp.421-427. Reprint # 2896.
7. Smith, W. L.; Revercomb, H. E.; Howell, H. B.; Woolf, H. M. and LaPorte, D. D. The High resolution Interferometer Sounder (HIS). CIMSS View, Volume 2, Issue 3, 1986, pp.1-5. Reprint # 3911.