David R. Stettner

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1. Velden, Christopher; Lewis, William E.; Bresky, Wayne; Stettner, David; Daniels, Jaime and Wanzong, Steven. Assimilation of high-resolution satellite-derived Atmospheric Motion Vectors: Impact on HWRF forecasts of tropical cyclone track and intensity. Monthly Weather Review, Volume 145, Issue 3, 2017, pp.1107-1125. Reprint # 7920.
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2. Velden, Christopher; Daniels, Jaime; Stettner, David; Santek, David; Key, Jeff; Dunion, Jason; Holmlund, Kenneth; Dengel, Gail; Bresky, Wayne and Menzel, Paul. Recent innovations in deriving tropospheric winds from meteorological satellites. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Volume 86, Issue 2, 2005, pp.205-223. Reprint # 4254.
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