EAQUATE: European AQUA Thermodynamic Experiment (EAQUATE)


The EAQUATE campaign was designed to study the atmosphere using aircraft and ground based instruments, demonstrating the benefit of these measurements in validating hyperspectral satellite sounding observations. In particular, it was aimed at validating radiances and level 2 products from the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) grating spectrometer onboard the AQUA satellite.

This campaign had 2 phases. The first phase took place in Italy (5th – 10th September 2004) and the second phase in the UK (13th – 22nd September 2004). The Proteus high altitude aircraft participated in both campaigns, providing measurements from the NAST thermal infrared interferometer and microwave radiometer, the Scanning HIS infrared interferometer, the FIRSC far-IR interferometer, and the micro-MAPS CO sensor.


The CIMSS Scanning HIS team [participated in] a successful set of back-to-back experiments in Europe named ADRIEX (Italy) and EAQUATE (England). The experiments were performed September 6 through 18, 2004, using the Scaled Composites Proteus aircraft. The Scanning HIS team had three objectives for this deployment: intercompare Scanning HIS upwelling infrared radiances with those of the NPOESS Atmospheric Sounder Testbed – Interferometer (NAST-I, to fly on future polar-orbiting weather satellites) on the same aircraft; intercompare radiances with the UK Meteorology Office ARIES instrument during wingtip-to-wingtip flights with the BAE146 aircraft; underfly the NASA “A-train” of satellites which currently includes both Aqua (temperature and water sounder) and Aura (atmospheric chemistry).

Robert Knuteson, Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC), University of Wisconsin-Madison.


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