RESAC/TiSDat: Regional Earth Science Applications Center / Timely Satellite Data for Agricultural Management (RESAC/TiSDat)


The NASA-funded Upper Midwest RESAC was a consortium of three universities, industry and state government entities. Because environmentally sound agriculture increasingly is information-driven, the program partners developed management decision aids that derived much of their power from satellite data (geostationary and polar) made available quickly after collection. By assisting agricultural managers in daily decision-making, pesticide usage could be reduced, energy saved and potential water quality impacts of crop production minimized.

TiSDat was part of a NASA-sponsored program to facilitate access to satellite data for all potential users. TiSDat was a suite of decision support information products for agriculture that merged satellite and meteorological data and forecast models of the atmosphere and land surface. Much of the technology was transferable to other crops and applications.


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