THORPex: The Observing-system Research and Predictability Experiment (THORPex)


A program of the WMO, THORPEX was planned to be a “ten-year international research program to accelerate improvements in short-range (up to 3 days) and medium-range (3 to 10 days) … predictions and warnings of high-impact weather over the Northern Hemisphere.” Like the World Weather Experiment (FGGE) in 1978, THORPEX utilized technologies and strategies developed during the planning period. CIMSS participated in THORPEX planning, which included shorter regional programs, including one over the Pacific Ocean in the winter of 2003, followed by one over the Atlantic in 2004. Agencies from around the world, including many in the U.S. and Europe, were involved. The ambitious program pursued several goals, among them identifying geographical regions where new permanent observing systems would most greatly improve Northern Hemispheric forecasts. Another THORPEX goal was developing improved strategies for targeting in-situ and satellite observing systems. Cloudy regions where a greater vertical resolution is needed was a special focus.



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