Research Databases

The UW-Madison Libraries have licensed many databases for your use. Those containing literature related to the atmospheric sciences are selectively listed below, with the best meteorology-related files listed toward the top. Once you find specific articles you’d like to read, use the Find It button within the record to locate full-text journal articles.

Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts, 1974- 

  • Meteorology and climatology
  • Physical oceanography, hydrology and glaciology
  • Remote sensing, atmospheric chemistry, and physics 

Web of Science, 1965-

  • Earth and atmospheric science
  • Astronomy, physics, computer science, chemistry

Scopus, 1996-

  • Atmospheric, oceanic, and climate studies
  • Physics, astronomy, computer science, chemistry

NTIS Bibliographic Index, 1964-

  • Government-funded research in science and technology fields

INSPEC, 1896-

  • Physics, electrical engineering, electronics, computers

Georef, 1669 (North America)- 1933 (Worldwide)-

  • Earth sciences

Oceanic Abstracts, 1981-

  • Marine biology, physical oceanography, fisheries
  • Aquaculture, meteorology, geology
  • Environment, technology and legislative topics

Advanced Technologies Database with Aerospace, 1962-

  • Aeronautics and astronautics
  • Computer technology and electronics
  • Space and atmospheric sciences

NASA Technical Reports Server

  • NASA conference papers, images, journal articles, patents, research reports

Google and Google Scholar,

  • Search scientific literature with results ranked by relevancy
  • Read About Google Scholar for information on content and coverage
  • See Google’s Advanced Search page to limit searched to link, title, or domain
  • For more in-depth information subject-specific databases (listed above) are highly recommended